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Alternative for Glass From Hamilton Australia

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Acryform replaces glass and is presented by Hamilton Australia . Acryform is decorated acrylic sheet used for interior,exterior,residential and commercial purposes.Acryform is light weight,cost effective,versatile material which is used in external and internal applications such as pool fencing,splash backs,water features.

Since there was need for light weight,flexible products Acryform and Perspex was developed and is used in making variety of products.Acryform which is an alternative to Glass was designed specifically for partitioning the market.Acryform is not as fragile as Glass and utilized for applying thin films such as window tinting and vinyl bands.

While manufacturing Acryform 3-dimensional graphics can be incorporated which helps in making logos for company,murals,lettering etc.

Acryform is available in different forms of thickness such as 6mm,10mm but standard size of the sheet is 2800mm / 9ft 4" by 1800mm / 6ft.Acryform are available in various colours. New Wave colour is ideal for kitchen splash backs and gives 3D appearance.Regarding textures Ocean is mostly used texture.

Hamilton Australia manufactures wide range of Fume cupboard doors under the brand name Ali frost.AliFrost is 50 times stronger than glass and available in 14 different colours.Hamilton brand of Fume is widely used in Queensland and suits the customers demands and also available in range of sizes so that it easily gets fixed into sinks,cupboards etc.

Alifrost from Hamilton Australia is designed safely with Aluminium Doors and Panels which can be installed readily and are available at stylish range and light weight.

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