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Case study: PBS combinations provide extra payloads at quarry

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article image Hamelex White eliminated unnecessary weight from the trailers, giving Adornato an extra 4.5 tonnes across the whole combination

A leading Shepparton-based civil and earthmoving business turned to PBS specialist Hamelex White recently when it began sourcing a new rigid and dog combination.

Adornato Sand & Gravel Supplies is a transport business specialising in the civil, earthmoving, building and construction sectors and has been in operation for the past 40 years, servicing more than 200 customers around Victoria and parts of New South Wales. Adornato set itself two main objectives - more payload and more productivity – when it began the search.

Owned and operated by Ross Adornato, the business currently runs a fleet of 12 prime movers, two rigids, two water tankers and one low loader. The fleet also includes Hamelex White-built trailers including one B-double and three truck and dog combinations. While the ‘Hunter’ B-double tipper combination was bought from Hamelex White four years ago, the two rigid and dog trailer combinations were supplied recently.

According to Ross, the biggest factor the two bring to the table is that Hamelex White has designed them around the Performance Based Standards (PBS) scheme, which enables them to operate lightweight trailers capable of hauling huge payloads, without compromising on road performance.

By making use of the Performance Based Standards scheme, Hamelex White was able to adapt the dimensions of the combination to beyond the standard legal limits, allowing Adornato to carry more payload per trip.

Hamelex White was also able to eliminate unnecessary weight from the trailer, giving Adornato an extra 4.5 tonnes of load across the whole combination, allowing drivers to make the most of every trip, and maximising productivity.

For added safety and to save on maintenance, Hamelex White also built in lift axle capability on both dog trailers. Ross explains carting materials on a daily basis is only half the job, with these combinations running empty the other 50 per cent of the time; having the lift axle option allows his drivers to save on both tyre wear and fuel consumption.

A fleet operator who likes to keep up with the times, Ross is a keen advocate of the PBS scheme and believes the concept is going to change the industry.

While the task of managing his family’s business and delegating tasks to his drivers is second nature to Ross, he prefers to stick to what he knows when choosing new transport equipment, basing his decision on good people relationships and solid performing products. This is why he has been sourcing most of his trailers from Hamelex White since he started as Managing Director in 1999. 

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