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Case Study: Sell & Parker takes delivery of specialised Hamelex White hooklift bin trailer

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article image Metal recycling organisation Sell & Parker has taken delivery of a specialised Hamelex White hooklift bin tipper, named the J-bin

Hamelex White recently supplied metal recycling specialist, Sell & Parker with a unique trailer designed to make light work of scrappy tasks. This latest delivery once again reinforces Hamelex White’s ability to deliver specialised transport equipment for specific applications.

Headquartered in Banksmeadow, Sydney, Sell & Parker has been transporting and recycling metal since 1966. Managing Director, Luke Parker heads the company while Transport Manager Phil Baxter oversees the company’s fleet. Sell & Parker specialises in hauling scrap metal from building and construction sites, industrial projects, and rail and defence force contracts before shredding the metal at its plant and redistributing it to steel manufacturers.

Hamelex White, which has been building and supplying bin trailers to Sell & Parker since 1998, was once again called upon to meet a specific requirement. Phil explains that Hamelex White is well-known for producing quality tipper trailers, but their ability to meet Sell & Parker’s specific requirements for the latest application only proves their versatility as a trailer builder.

Sell & Parker’s unit of choice was the Hamelex White dual-axle J-bin trailer, a semi-trailer with a specialised hooklift designed to carry and tip Sell & Parker’s various sizes of heavy duty steel waste bins. Capable of handling bins from 45 to 65 cubic metres on its high-tensile steel chassis, the J-bin trailer is one of the most versatile units in Sell & Parker’s fleet.

Phil notes that the bins themselves can handle all sorts of material, but the J-bin trailer adds to that versatility by being able to access any site.

According to Phil, one of the biggest advantages of the J-bin hooklift trailer is its lightweight structure, allowing Sell & Parker to maximise the unit’s payload for each run.

One of the major weight saving designs on the J-bin trailer is that it isn’t detachable from the prime mover and therefore, does not use landing legs. Phil explains it is actually fixed to the prime mover’s ball race turntable, which Hamelex White achieved by transporting one of the company’s prime movers from Sydney to its Melbourne factory during pre-production. The trailer was then fixed to the prime mover prior to delivery with resultant weight savings in turn increasing capacity. Regardless of the bin size, their payload in older models was 18 tonnes; however, with this new model they are able to achieve up to 20 tonnes of capacity, which makes a massive difference over the course of the day.

For added safety and to preserve the trailer’s components against damage from falling metal debris, Hamelex White modified the J-bin’s brake boosters and mudflaps. In the new trailer, Hamelex White has repositioned the brake boosters so that they tuck up underneath the chassis when the bin is being tipped.

The mudflaps, on the other hand, can now automatically tuck underneath the trailer. In older models, the drivers would have to remove the mudflaps manually before tipping the bin, or risk damage. Mudflaps now tuck up automatically when the trailer is tipped, saving time and increasing mudflap life.

Key features of the J-bin trailer also include a hydraulic hooklift used to hoist the bins onto the trailer, with drum brakes and spring suspension for the running gear. The new trailer marks the fourth J-bin purchased by the company from Hamelex White, which brings Sell & Parker’s fleet to seven B-double tippers, six semi-tippers, four J-bin loaders, 15 rigids consisting of hooklifts, flat tops and skip loaders, as well as eight prime movers.

Phil says that the brake booster relocation and automatic mudflaps are just the latest in a series of continued innovations he has noticed in Hamelex White’s J-bin trailers.

Hamelex White also delivered the trailer three weeks ahead of schedule; against the original estimated production time of 10 weeks, Hamelex White was able to roll it out in just seven, enabling Sell & Parker to put the trailer into service much earlier. 

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