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Wide range of Sampler Probes from Haldatec

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Haldatec  manufactures sampler probes for supplying to the oil, gas and petrochemical industries. Initially the company was focusing on oil and gas sampling and presently, the service has been extended to pipeline insertion devices, gas control valves, and gas tank blanketing and odorant injection facilities.

Haldatec produces sampler probes in a variety of threaded models or those with flanged connection sizes or with different probe lengths. Sampler probes model SP & PP have some special features such as, the end of the tube being set within the centre 1/3rd of the pipeline. Additionally, tube ends will be straight, 45 degree or 90 degree and ends for specific purpose also will be produced.

Adjustable sampler probe model AP3 and AP4 insertion are designed to be inserted and withdrawn manually into a pressure filled pipeline. The depth can be set at any desired length. The probe will be locked with a locking gland at a set insertion length.

Haldatec has other models of insertion probes for use in the petrochemical industry. The other models are various kinds of automatic insertion probe in four different length sizes and types.

Model style AP-3MI probe, with injection nozzle increases the efficiency and effectiveness of chemical injections.

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