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New range of hydraulic motors

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article image The Compact CB - based on the needs of the users.

HAGGLUNDS Drives has launched a new range of hydraulic motors, named Compact CB. They combine space economy with high torque and are reportedly maintenance free and operate at a very low noise level.

The new product line is suitable for heavy duty applications such as shredders, feeders and roll mills and is - according to the manufacturer - the most compact drive solution on the market.

The CB builds upon existing designs with a high mechanical efficiency, but provides a wider choice with regard to application in conjunction with increased performance and reliability.

It is based on the specified needs of users derived from a technical survey in 13 different countries.

The CB-motor can be used with the same accessories as the Compact CA motor. It can - according to Hugglunds - be easily mounted directly on to the driven shaft and also be ordered with splines for a close connection to the driven machine.

A wide number of sizes and displacements are available to optimise the drive, matching the drive to the application precisely.

A high degree of commonality of parts and a simple construction - producing a tough and reliable drive with a very low moment of inertia - are reportedly other significant features.

The mechanical efficiency is approximately 98 per cent and the CB is claimed to be shock proof. It provides full torque at any speed from standstill to maximum and can stop instantly.

Despite that, the motor can operate at high speeds and with a very low loss of energy.

It provides torque up to 280,000Nm, with displacements from 15 to 52 litres per revolution with speeds up to 125rpm, and rated pressures up to 5000psi (350 bar) continuously.

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