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Hägglunds to launch pump series

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SWEDISH company Hägglunds Drives is set to launch its own pump series including its largest pump size ever, with a maximum displacement of 750 cubic centimetres.

The product series will be progressively introduced and includes eight basic pump sizes.

This will make it possible to closely adapt the pump to drive speed requirement so optimising the customer's manufacturing process and, together with the company's equipment provide a complete drive solution.

This pump is one step further for Hägglunds to optimise its complete drive systems. Benefits mentioned are space savings, possibilities to tandem mount pumps, and low power consumption.

The company will continuously work with improvements of pump efficiency.

Hägglunds head of marketing Kalevi Niemi said if the degree of efficiency was increased by three percent in a 1000kW system, the power consumption would drop by 30kW.

“This saving reduces pay-off time for the investment. Low energy consumption is also positive in terms of the environment."

The pump series, denoted SP as in Superior Performance, is the result of a co-operation between Hägglunds, who specified the series, and the German Company Brueninghaus.

Some component parts have been modified and several new functions have been added, e.g., a shaft seal, valves and a servo control system.

These pumps have a lifetime which equals other parts of Hägglunds drive solutions.

"We follow the same strict requirements that we apply to our hydraulic motors as regards our hydraulic pumps," explains Berth-Ove Byström, head of development for this product series.

The pump series, together with motors, power units and control systems, provide the means to package a complete and customised combination for an optimised drive solution.

Some pumps can be installed in tandem in special cabinets. This makes it possible to use a single electrical motor to drive both pumps thereby load sharing two drives on one electric motor.

While combining different pump sizes to optimise operation, space is saved.

As the new models are introduced to the market, the noise level will be reduced and, in the long-term, efficiency will be increased closer to the efficiency of the motors, to improve the overall efficiency of the complete drive solution.

"A low noise level is an important aspect of the working environment and our goal is 75dB(A) for pumps up to 500 cubic centimetres," says Byström.

Beside the 750 cubic centimetre pumps, the 250, 355 and 500 cubic centimetre pumps are also available, with the four smaller models, 40, 71, 125 and 180 cubic centimetre introduced very soon.

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