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Haden & Custance  offers robotics, pallet handling, cheese handling, palletising, paper board handling, conveyors and custom designed equipment. The robotic variety from Haden & Custance includes robotic palletising, de-palletising and high speed picking. The palletising series from Haden & Custance comprise of sweet palletisers, pick and place cartons, and pick and place bags.

The cheese handling variety from Haden & Custance includes products such as the De-cartoner, Casepacker, Clamshell loader, De-bagger and Carton cutter. The pallet handling equipment from Haden & Custance comprises of pallet conveyors, stretch wrappers and pallet dispensers. The conveyors from Haden & Custance include items such as product conveyors, zero pressure accumulation, band driven rollers, custom flowline, line switch, elevators, inverters and in-line weighing tools.

Haden & Custance integrates the IRB140 and IRB340, with flexible picking solutions that allow products to be picked from fixed or variable positions and placed in fixed or variable locations. Robotic picking systems from Haden & Custance are suitable for small products such as packaging equipment, assembly,sorting or mixing systems. Haden & Custance has been involved in a number of industries that utilise such technology like cheese packing, mussel sorting, fruit packing, sausage packing and sachet packing.

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