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Robotic palletising from Haden & Custance

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Haden & Custance  offers flexible and reliable robotic palletising solutions for the manufacturing industry. The integration of ABB Industrial Robots and the extensive range of Haden & Custance products and pallet handling equipment offers both standard and custom designed robotic palletising solutions. Haden & Custance can accommodate single or multiple lines in a single robotic palletising solution of up to five stations around one robot or more. The robot is mounted on a track that provides a low cost per line palletising solution.

Robotic palletising solutions from Haden & Custance are available for trays, cartons, bags, kegs, bricks, bottles and wheels. Haden & Custance produces a wide range of grippers. The multi-zone vacuum gripper is popular for cartons. The cartons can accommodate a range of cartons sizes and most stack patterns. Grippers from Haden & Custance can also handle pallets, slipsheets and layer gluing. The possibility of human error can be eliminated with automatic product changeovers, where the robot can automatically clear the pick table, perform a pallet change, re-configure the new product and start stacking.

Haden & Custance offers features such as the ability to palletise a wide range of packing types, palletise multiple lines using one robot, accommodate complex stack patterns and provide flexible layout options. Haden & Custance can also handle pallets, slipsheets and layer gluing.

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