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Pick and place bag palletisers from Haden & Custance

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The pick and place bag palletiser from Haden & Custance is custom designed to automatically palletise hard to handle bags onto oversized or standard sized pallets. The pick and place palletiser from Haden & Custance enhances stack quality, allowing pallets to be stacked efficiently in the warehouse. They also minimise the chance of product damage at the time of storage or transportation.

The infeed accumulation conveyor in the pick and place bag is mounted on a pivot that keeps the distance between the pick head and pick conveyor constant. This feature minimises the head travel and increases the rate and efficiency of the palletiser.

The pick and place bag palletiser from Haden & Custance offers features such as a PLC controller, higher stacks, layer compression that enhances stack quality, lower product damage during transportation and built-in bag accumulation. The attachment option of the pick and place bag comprises of pallet infeed and outfeed systems, bag conveyors, pallet and slipsheet dispensers, bag flatteners, check weighers, coders, metal detectors, bag kickers and rejects.

The features in the pick and place cartons are small footprint system option to operate in cold conditions, optional automatic pallet dispenser and an optional double stacker on carton infeed to increase the rate.

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