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Specialist engineering company brings plasma cutting in-house with Haco plasma cutter

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article image Heath Oxley, owner of Ox Engineering, is excited about business prospects with the new Haco CNC plasma cutting machine

Perth-based Ox Engineering chose a KOMPAKT 4020 plasma cutting machine from Haco Australia to reduce lead times and bring the outsourced work in-house.
Ox Engineering is a specialist company providing products, parts, repairs and service for the drilling and exploration sector. The company supplies custom-designed products to suit the different types of drill rigs used in exploration including dual rotary water well rigs, large oil and gas rigs, diamond drill rigs and reverse circulation. The drill rigs require different products for sampling, maintenance and safety such as handrails, platforms for personnel and auto mobilising specialised equipment to minimise manual handling.
Drill rigs are put through their paces, requiring many spare parts, rebuilds or retrofits to keep them commissioned. In order to manufacture these parts, Ox Engineering generates designs using 3D CAD software and then outsources the cutting work to specialist companies.
Outsourcing the work stretched the lead times to the extent that it was making business untenable for the Ox Engineering team. Heath Oxley, manager of Ox Engineering felt it was prudent to explore the options to purchase a CNC plasma cutting machine to bring the plate cutting work in-house.
Key requirements for the plasma cutter included a machine that could use Ox’s drawings with minimal fuss as well as provide tight tolerances and accuracy, precise cutting edge and high build quality of the machine in addition to meeting the budget.
After narrowing his search down to three possibilities, he chose the Haco model mainly due to the company’s reputation and knowledge. With other products such as pressbrakes, turret punchers and rollers, Oxley felt that the company was experienced in this type of machinery and would also offer excellent support.
As a result, Oxley chose a KOMPAKT 4020 CNC plasma cutting machine from Haco Australia.
Key features of KOMPAKT 4020 CNC plasma cutting machines:

  • Cutting table of 4000mm x 2000mm
  • Positioning accuracy of ± 0.1mm
  • Hypertherm’s patented HyDefinition plasma cutting system
  • Capable of cutting up to 32mm of mild steel as well as stainless and tempered high-tensile steel
  • Gantry rests on over-sized linear guides to ensure optimum cutting accuracy and speed
  • Gantry driven on both sides by brushless AC servo motors and rack-and-pinion systems
  • Intuitive touch screen control panel allows straightforward control of the cutter with minimal training
Following the installation of the KOMPAKT 4020 plasma cutting machine, Ox Engineering has been able to reduce lead times from 3-4 weeks when outsourced to a tenth of that in-house. Oxley explains that once the drawing is finalised, the cutting can be completed in an hour.
The machine has only been with Ox Engineering for a short time, but has already made an appreciable difference to business operations. The company continues to grow both locally and into overseas mining markets, thanks in part to the introduction of the CNC plasma cutting machine to the company’s arsenal.

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