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Ultrasonic level switches for all level alarms

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article image Accurate Detection’s ultrasonic level switches

ULTRASONIC Level Switches are used to activate alarm relays or turn pumps on and off.

As well as the Echoswitch, Accurate Detection has a wide range of traditional style ultrasonic level switches that look like tuning forks.

The unique features of the Echoswitch are that it combines ultrasonic level sensor technology with ultrasonic level switch technology to produce an ultrasonic level switch that has three user definable switch points, relay outputs and lead lag rotation on the relays.

With lead lag facilities incorporated into this ultrasonic level switch, a PLC is not required on standard applications like a sump pump as this ultrasonic level switch is capable of turning the pump on and off or alternating pumps if required.

The relays on this ultrasonic level switch come with either 24v or 240v ratings.

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