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SOLITAX sc turbidity and suspended solids sensors available from Hach Pacific are designed for continuous solids and turbidity measurement in sludge.  

The sensors offer several features and benefits in carrying out efficient measurement of turbidity and suspended solids including accurate, colour-independent measurement, self-cleaning ability, online measurement, serviceable sensors, simple calibration, versatile mounting, multi-parameter measurement, communications and data logging capabilities.  

Hach’s entire range of sc sensors is designed for plug and play operation with no complicated wiring or set-up procedure necessary.  

Accurate, colour-independent measurement  
Immune to shifts in colour of activated sludge caused by variations in through-flow volume, climatic fluctuations, or other unexpected events, SOLITAX sc turbidity and suspended solids sensors employ a proven measurement technology that provides measurement completely independent of colour.  

Self-cleaning wiper prevents erroneous values
A self-cleaning wiper in the sensor prevents erroneous values and maintenance problems by preventing biological growth. Gas bubbles in the sample do not interfere with the measurement.  

Excellent correlation to laboratory analysis
Comparisons between laboratory analysis and continuous suspended solids measurement using SOLITAX sc sensors show an exceptional correlation to mixed liquor, settled and thickened sludge.  

Online measurement using the SOLITAX sc sensors not only saves time on manual analysis but also provides critical real time TSS measurements that can be used to operate the plant more efficiently.  

Fully serviceable sensors
SOLITAX sc sensors are serviceable, extending the useful life of the sensor to twice the usual while conventional sensors are discarded when they no longer function.  

Easy one-point calibration
SOLITAX sc turbidity and suspended solids sensors can be calibrated easily with a simple correction factor procedure to measure turbidity or suspended solids. Multipoint calibration is available for nonlinear samples.  

Versatile mounting styles
SOLITAX sc sensors can easily be configured for many applications. Models designed for immersion into a tank are available in PVC plastic or stainless steel while an insertion style sensor for pipes is available in stainless steel.  

Multi-channel, multi-parameter system
Any combination of two SOLITAX sc sensors can be installed using one Hach sc200 controller with the same controller accommodating any combination of parameters including suspended solids, turbidity, pH/ORP, dissolved oxygen, conductivity and nitrate.  

Multiple alarm/control schemes are available using four relays and two PID control outputs. Communications use analogue 4-20 mA and digital MODBUS/ RS485, MODBUS/ RS232 protocols while other digital protocols are available on request.  

Data logger
A built-in data logger collects and stores measurement data, calibration, verification points and alarm history for up to 6 months while an embedded SD card reader ensures simple download of the logged data.

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12/02/2013 - Depending on the solid content and dirtiness of the sample you may want to consider the sensor with the wiper. It would reduce your cleaning intervals\maintenance significantly and would product more reliable results. Please also check the chemical compatibility between the sensor and media. There are two body types available for this sensor PVC and SS. The sensor can be repaired. Please contact Hach service center to receive a quotation for the repair.

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