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One system for all online measurements

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The WTW IQ sensornet developed by Accurate Detection is the first digital system developed for the water treatment process to enable the operator to monitor all online measurements from one panel.

The online measurement parameters include DO, PH, Conductivity, Turbidity, Suspended Solids, Nitrates, Ammonia, COD, TOC, DOC, SAC, BOD and temperature.

The WTW IQ Sensornet can be purchased to monitor from 1 to 20 different parameters. It is easy to add additional parameters as it is a modular system and users can purchase a new module for each additional four parameters they wish to monitor.

The sensors on the WTW IQ Sensornet are inserted into the pipe or tank. They are made from the latest high quality German technology with an effective automatic cleaning system.

The user interface on the controller is simple and logical.

Additional features on the WTW IQ Sensornet include digital Profibus or modbus outputs, 4-20mAmp outputs, relay outputs and internal datalogging.

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