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New EchoPod level sensor available from Accurate Detection

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Flowline introduces EchoPod, an innovative level sensor that replaces floats, conductance and pressure sensors that fail due to dirty, sticking and scaling media in small tanks 49.2" (1.25 m) or less.

EchoPod, a general purpose sensor, combines non-contact switch, controller and transmitter capabilities in one package.

Combining 4 relays, 4-20 mA output and pump/valve control in one small sensor allows EchoPod to be your total solution. Maintenance free, EchoPod reduces tank system hardware through simplicity and consolidation.

Additionally, EchoPod is well suited for corrosive and dirty applications with its non-metallic housing and transducer. EchoPod provides a total solution for fluid handling and automation. The time to "Think Small and Win Big" is now, and it is with EchoPod.


EchoPod available from Accurate Detection is a general purpose non-contact ultrasonic level switch, controller and transmitter for small tanks is 49.2" (1.25 m) or less.

EchoPod enables flexible design applications for system integration or retrofit of floats, conductance and pressure sensors. Well suited for fluid handling and chemical feed applications integrating process or control automation of small tanks mounted on tools, skids or machines.

The rugged PVDF enclosure is well suited for a wide range of corrosive, waste or slurry type media, and can be broadly selected for atmospheric day tank, process vessel or dispenser, pump lift station and waste sump applications. Level indication can be monitored via a local display or controlled through a PLC.


Provides switch, controller and transmitter capabilities replacement of multi-point float, conductivity and pressure level switches WebCal, an innovative PC user interface that provides fast and accurate configuration compact sensor with 2" dead band and beam width optimised for small tank applications 49.2" (1.25 m) or less.

  • Switch
  • 4 programmable relays
  • High or low alarms
  • Control
  • 1 or 2 pump/valve operation
  • Simplex, duplex and lead/lag
  • Transmitter
  • 4-20 mA output
    Reversible 4-20 mA output

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