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THE Hydreka Electro magnetic insertion probe flow meter from Accurate Detection Pty Ltd is the latest generation of flow meters.

It has a number of major advantages over previous types of insertion probe flow meters. These include: an accuracy of 2% over flow rates of 2cm/s to 3m/s, a battery life of 2.5 years, user friendly software, the sensor being protected from braking and the transmitter being built into the probe.

These features make the Hydreka insertion probe flow meter the best available option for monitoring minimum night flows to quantify leakage in a water reticulation system.

Being an insertion probe flow meter it is highly portable and easy to move around different locations once the tapping points have been established.

This flow meter is suitable for pipe diameters of 80mm OD to 1200mm OD. It has a pressure tapping point and provides either pulsed or 4-20mAmp outputs.

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