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Hach CityGuard for real-time water distribution monitoring

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article image CityGuard allows you to see the status of multiple sites at a glance
Hach Pacific  announces the introduction of Hach CityGuard, a security network portal and command centre for real-time water distribution monitoring applications.

Designed for water utilities as a bi-directional monitoring and control system that integrates the sensor data from water quality monitoring points strategically located throughout a community’s distribution system, Hach CityGuard maximises water quality protection while optimising the use of utility spending.

The CityGuard system enables utility personnel to simultaneously view and minimise response time to critical real-time water quality data from any Internet browser at any location. Utilities can respond quickly and effectively to situations such as security-related contamination or water quality degradation due to water age, ruptured water main, cross connection, or an accidental over-feed.

Hach CityGuard works with proprietary event monitors coupled with Hach GuardianBlue Event Detection System (EDS), Water Distribution Monitoring Panels (WDMP sc), and Source Water Monitoring Panels (SWMP sc) located throughout the utility system.

Each of these systems employ an array of analytical instrumentation combined with advanced interpretive algorithms to provide accurate, data-rich detection/classification networks. If in alarm state, the event monitor affected by the water quality event can be quickly accessed and response time minimised.

Key advantages of Hach CityGuard:

  • Provides utilities with a ‘virtual command centre’ for critical water distribution monitoring and control
  • Allows for an effective response to minimise the adverse impacts resulting from an event
  • Users can view the status of multiple distribution monitoring points at a glance
  • Allows bi-directional control of multiple event monitors from any location with Internet access
  • Saves time and costs associated with travel to remote monitoring sites
  • Enables water quality data from multiple distribution monitoring points to be viewed and analysed from a single location
  • Maximises the value of source water and water distribution monitoring and drinking water security programs
  • Minimal server requirements

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