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Dynatel electronic sensors from Hach Pacific

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3M Dynatel Electronic Marker System (EMS) Marker Locators 1420-iD/1420E-iD are available from Hach Pacific . These electronic sensors are microprocessor-based systems, the design of which has incorporated advanced digital signal processing techniques. These techniques enable these units to quickly, efficiently and accurately locate underground facilities.

The electronic sensors are compact, lightweight and robust. They require very little operator training to use and their large, backlit, high-resolution graphic display makes them easy to use and understand. Operator set up is remembered from the previous usage through the in-built memory feature.

A RS232 communications port allows interface with an external computer for uploading and downloading data, unit configurations and remote software upgrades. These units can operate for over 25 hours on eight AA alkaline batteries. They are also unaffected by metal conduit or pipe, metallic conductors, fences, AC power and electronic markers.

Dynatel electronic sensors allow the operator to locate, read and write to 3M RFiD markers as well as pinpoint the depth and location of all existing models of properly installed underground passive EMS markers. They can conduct direct depth reading of these markers and locate two different marker frequencies at the same time.

This product gives accurate information even in congested areas and can effectively locate underground facilities even years after construction or maintenance. These electronic sensors are also now compatible with selected GPS/GIS field mapping instruments enabling real-time mapping of marker placements to be conducted.

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