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The 9184SC Free Chlorine (TCF) Analyzer is available from Hach Pacific . These chlorine analysers are on-line, single-channel industrial sensors that measure free chlorine in drinking water treatment plants, distribution networks and other applications.

These chlorine analysers have a low minimum detection limit and this together with pH and temperature measurements allow free chlorine concentration to be calculated using the dissociation curves stored in the device. These measurements are made on a continual basis by the sensor and reported to the controller.

This product comes in three different models depending on their required usage. These are:

Acidification units
These units can be used intermittently or continuously for cleaning and are fully programmable.

Intermittent flow units
Fully programmable units that save resources whilst limiting excess flow to drain.

Hypochlorous chlorine only units
These units are designed for use in applications where pH does not fluctuate.

All chlorine analysers are easy to set up. They are supplied pre-assembled on a panel and once they have been mounted in the desired position all that remains is for the sensors to be inserted and the controller to be connected. Minimal maintenance is also required with these products and they come with two years of typical maintenance items included as standard.

These chlorine analysers have a wide measurement range of 0 to 20 ppm. This makes them ideal for drinking water distribution monitoring, chlorination applications, demineraliser systems, waste water and cooling water processes.

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