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3M Dynatel Ball Markers from Hach Pacific

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The 3M Dynatel Ball markers, distributed by Hach Pacific , make the job of precisely locating underground facilities fast and easy.

3M Dynatel Ball markers mark the following:

  • Buried splices
  • Buried service drops
  • Conduit stubs
  • Fibre optic facilities
  • Cable paths
  • Load coils
  • Buried installations

Supplied by Hach Pacific, the 3M Dynatel 1400 Series Electronic Marker System (EMS) iD Ball Markers provide more information than previously. These markers complement the existing line of EMS markers.

Positive underground identification

The underground facilities can be positively identified with certainty even in difficult environments. The 3M Dynatel 1400 Series EMS iD Ball Markers do everything the existing line of EMS ball markers can do and more.

The 3M Dynatel ID markers come pre-programmed with a unique identification number which is attached to the marker on a removable bar-coded tag, which can be peeled off before installation and attached to facility maps for future reference.

When a 3M Dynatel 1420 or 2200M-iD Series Locator sends a read command signal, the ID markers will respond by sending back data previously stored in it.

The ID markers can also be programmed and locked by the user via the 1420 and 2200M-iD Series Locators to include customer-specific information such as facility data, hazard levels, type of application, placement date and other important details.

After the locator has read this data, it may be transferred to the user’s PC through a standard RS232 communications port.

Application-specific design

The 3M 1400 Series EMS iD Ball Markers are available in seven standard frequencies, colour coded to APWA standards to quickly signify the application: telephone, gas, CATV, power, water, wastewater and a new general-purpose application.

These markers are readable to a maximum buried depth of five feet. The ID markers can be located by the previous generation of locators but can only be read and written to using the new 3M Dynatel 1420 and 2200M-iD Series Locators.

Quality that lasts

The 3M Dynatel 1400 Series EMS iD Ball Markers work in all soil conditions and in the presence of all types of congestion. Their four-inch diameter makes them easy to drop into a standard-sized trench.

A free-floating, self-levelling design inside a watertight, polyethylene shell ensures that the marker is always in an accurate horizontal position, regardless of how it is placed in the ground.

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