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Hach Pacific provides you with access to the largest offering and highest quality of lab and process water analytics as well as outstanding service and application support. Hach Pacific, formerly Accurate Detection, also supplies other products including leak detection and pipe and cable location equipment which can be easily bundled with water quality analytics. They are proud to bring you more than 60 years of water analytics leadership in ... + View more


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07/05/15 - Hach Pacific introduces the Hach SL1000 Portable Parallel Analyser, an innovative new technology for the drinking water industry to test water quality.
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05/10/12 - Hach Pacific announces the introduction of Hach CityGuard, a security network portal and command centre for real-time water distribution monitoring applications.
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18/09/12 - Hach Pacific presents the SAC850 and SAC950 sample changers designed for automated and efficient sample handling applications.
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04/09/12 - Hach Pacific presents the 2100Q portable turbidimeter designed for simple on-screen assisted calibration and verification with assured accurate results.
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Unit 10,
15 Howleys Road
Notting Hill
VIC 3168
Tel: 03 9545 6229
Fax: 03 9545 6230

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