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Remote controls from Hace Industries

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Hace Industries  provides comprehensive range of flexible, competitive customized industrial remote controls. Hace Industries provides remote controls that can be used for variety of applications including material handling, mining, cranes, locomotives, mobile equipment, automation communication, agriculture, maritime, and door opening systems to name a few.

Hace Industries distributes Akerstroms remote controls for industrial equipments. Akerstroms remote controls supplied by Hace Industries are safe, simple and easy to use. The remote controls can tolerate extremely tough industrial environments with dust, oil, vibrations and dampness situation.

Hace Industries is a distributor of Saga series products that are programmable systems and are suitable for function settings. Hace Industries offers products and services catering to individual customer requirement and specifications.

Hace Industries supplies Sesam which is an adapted door opening system and is suitable opening and closing boom gates, flood lights and switching on and off of fans. Hace Industries provides Sesam 500 which is a transmitter that can open 999 gates and thereby is ideal for large industrial facilities. This transmitter can be easily controlled using access coding system.

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