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Optimum wet cleaning products from Hyla

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Hyla  developed the HYLA NST Wet Cleaning System in 2002 to provide improved optimum wet cleaning for a variety of surfaces. The HYLA NST System was especially designed for cleaning wet hard floors like ceramics, tiles and vinyl. The HYLA NST System consists of an additional spraying function that cleans carpets, upholstery and car seats as well.

Hyla focuses on continuous market research and development in order to offer only quality products to its customers. Hyla provides air cleansing services through a number of patented separator technologies.

Hyla avails its customers of air cleansing services through quality technology and production facilities. Products and services from Hyla are environmentally friendly fulfilling an ongoing sense of duty towards the environment.
Since the last decade, Hyla has been marketing its air cleansing systems for both personal and commercial uses. Hyla creates healthier and happier lifestyles for all its customers. Hyla helps to promote a cleaner approach to the surrounding environment. Hyla provides round the clock services to its customers too.

Hyla’s latest Electro Flexible Hose was initiated in 2001. This flexible hose innovation is unique and proved to be original worldwide. An electro cord is soldered to the internal wall of the electro flexible hose via specifically developed cold-welding equipment.

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