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HVC Movement Engineers provides fragile equipment handling services

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HVC Movement Engineers  provides fragile equipment handling services in Australia. Apart from fragile equipment handling services, HVC Movement Engineers also provides handling services for cranes, industrial machinery, unloading equipment, boats, heavy lifts and so on. Some of the equipment which are very fragile and require extra handling care include works of art, laboratory equipment, graphic arts equipment, computer equipment, medical equipment such as X-ray machines, printing machines and many more.

HVC Movement Engineers handles fragile equipment with extra care and diligence. HVC Movement Engineers handles the mentioned fragile equipment with specific tools such as friction free skates, air suspended transport vehicles, computer cages and range of custom designed gantry systems.

Most of the equipment mentioned consists of delicate circuit boards which are often encased in a fairly sturdy frame which are covered with flimsy plastic or sheet metal panels. Most of the switches, knobs and other fragile objects can protrude out from the panels so they require extra handling care. Great care is needed in lifting and securing the mentioned items onto transport vehicle in order to transport them properly from one place to another.

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