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Retail electrical products from HPM Industries

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HPM Industries offers a wide range of lighting and electrical products which includes switches, powerpoints, data communication, retail products, and lighting dimmer controls.

HPM Industries's entertainment power boards are available in six different outlets and usually blend well with audio visual equipment and are less noticed. The neon indicator prevents its damage from power spikes and surges. When the power board gets overloaded the current gets cut automatically. Made as per Australian standards, and its slimeline feature helps in reducing the amount of space when fixed behind any furnitures.
HPM Industries provides plugs suitable for outdoor living which offers safe solution for wet and damp areas. Recently in addition to the Aqua weather proof range another product introduced is the HPM WS54 Narrow body weatherproof single powerpoint.

HPM Industries' new product is made of tough polymer case resistant and durable to UV. It contains many installation options with reversible mounting block features. HPM Industries Exhaust Fan is desinged in such a way that it suits both Multi-storey roof and Standard installations. HPM Industries' Exhaust fan helps in sending out moist air and odours to outside environment. When the fan is not operated the built-in draught stopper closes the fan which helps in preserving warm air.

Standard range Powerpoints are available from HPM Industries. Standard range powerpoints are fixed form which cannot be removed with tools and are used in government and public buildings. Large plate design options are provided to prevent tampering in commercial buildings. HPM Industries' electric safe power points protects from earth faults for appliances plugged into sockets.

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