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Cablofil mesh cable tray system available from HPM Legrand

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The investment in cabling for new developments, from commercial buildings to major infrastructure projects can be enormous. From datacomms and low voltage power distribution cabling to heavy-duty armoured and high-voltage mains cables, the cable management system must be strong, safe, versatile and uncomplicated to install.

Until recently, ladder and perforated cable trays have been the specified systems. However, if Australia follows overseas trends the popular wire mesh cable trays are set to dominate the industry in the future.

Factors influencing this trend may include the ease and speed of installation; the simplified specifying and ordering procedures due to the flexibility of components (less individual parts are required); and the increased visibility of cabling.

Cable management specialist, Cablofil, has tested, certified and specified wire cable trays. Part of the international Legrand stable and now available in Australia through HPM Legrand , Cablofil is an ideal cable tray system in the northern hemisphere.

Installed in a wide variety of industries, including education, agriculture, food, shipping, water treatment and utilities, the Cablofil mesh tray has been the specified cable management system for international organisations such as Nestle, Airbus, Coca-Cola Amatil and Exxon-Mobil.

With the increasing number of commercial, industrial and infrastructure projects across Australia, the superior quality of the Cablofil mesh cable tray system is the way forward for cable management.

Proven to improve installation time by 25%, Cablofil is easy to handle, fast to install and economical. With only 10% solid surface area the open structure of this mesh tray system maximises ventilation and replicates a suspended cable in air environment, enabling cable cross-section optimisation.

According to Guillaume Gimaret, HPM Legrand’s product manager for Cablofil, the mesh tray system meets the demands of time and budget often experienced by specifiers and installers.

“Specialised tools are no longer required with the wire mesh design. All components click into place by applying finger pressure, or by using a simple screwdriver or set of pliers, and any fitting can be created on-site, including large radius bends.”

“Training is provided on-site with installers shown how to cut the tray properly to avoid sharp and rough edges, then how to bend and join the tray to create a long lasting installation.”

“Planning and time on-site is reduced because there are no bolts and screws to contend with, and without the need for factory-supplied standard bends, angles, tee-pieces, fixtures and fittings, compiling inventory lists is faster.”

Stringently tested for strength and electrical continuity, Cablofil can hold up to 90 kg/m over a two-metre span between the supports.

In addition to good mechanical performance, Cablofil has developed a patented safety edge designed to prevent injuries to installers and damage to cables.

Available in a comprehensive range of fittings and surface treatments, including EZ, HDG, 304L and 316L graded stainless steels (pickled and passivated to increase lifetime up to four times), it is suitable for all applications and environments.

The Cablofil mesh tray system also complies with Australian Fire Standards AS/NZS 3013 and can withstand two hours under temperatures of up to 1000°C.

The open structure of the mesh design makes cable inspection and management easy. This increased visibility simplifies maintenance work, for example add-ons or removals, and limits the retention of dust, bacteria and other debris that can obstruct the cable path.

With a growing number of Cablofil installations around Australia, including projects for NSW City Rail, Sea World, Darling Harbour and Woolworth Supermarkets, Cablofil is a safe cable management solution helping specifiers and installers meet time and budget challenges.

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