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Medical monitoring equipment offered by HLP Controls

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HLP Controls  offers medical monitoring equipment which includes infra red thermometers, data loggers and vaccine temp monitors. Medical monitoring devices include temperature monitors which are suitable for storage of blood, medicines and vaccine. Relevant standards are met with the products which have a digital display.

Different models of medical monitoring equipment from HLP Controls include Model Medi-Temp, Model Medi-Log, Model RED-I-TEMP, Model 8815, Model 8834: + Remote probe, Model 8818P, Model Timer T1, Model Timer T3 and many more.

The key benefits of medical monitoring equipment offered by HLP Controls include their accuracy in field temperature monitoring; they meet most of the requirements of the relevant standards and can be used for all types of medical storage.

Model Medi-Temp has two temperature sensors, one of which is inbuilt inside the unit and the other sensor is on a three met wire. To monitor freezers or fridges Model Medi-Temp uses a remote wire sensor. Model Medi-Temp also has inbuilt alarms which indicate if the temp limits exceed. Through the inbuilt memory, users can see the rise and fall in temperature overnight or during weekends.

Model Medi-Temp has a wide range of -50 C up to +70C. It is available with Velcro and magnetic mounting. The remote sensor of Model Medi-Temp has a suction cap, sticky mount and screw down mount.

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