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HLP Controls offers infra red thermometers

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HLP Controls  specialises in all types of instrumentation ranging from electrical and manufacturing to food based industries.

The instrumentation are categorised under food temperatures, food transport, electrical testing, industrial testing, temperature monitoring, catering equipment, calibration equipment. Consultation and implementation services are provided for food safety systems including HACCP and ISO 9000 series.

Under the food temperature range infra red thermometers, dial thermometers, food safe probe thermometers and data loggers are available. Various models are available under each of these products.

Under Infra red thermometers Model 8866, Model 8889, Model 8859, Model Phasor, Model Haccp-Dual and Model Haccp 8838 Infra red and Probe in one type of thermometers are available.

Model 8866 is a professional model and has a temperature range of -20 C up to 420C. The features of Model 8866 include nine memories, laser dot sight and the capacity to calculate maximum, minimum and average readings and deviation.

Model 8866 from HLP Controls is available with a hard carry case, batteries and a manual. Model 8866 also has an audible alarm beeper which alerts in case of under or over temperatures. Response time of Model 8866 is 0.5 sec.

Model 8889 is one of the latest gun style units of HLP Controls and it has a temperature range of -40 C up to 500 C. This product reads to 0.1 C accuracy.

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