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Electrolube to launch isocyanate-free clear polyester resin at Electronex 2012
16.08.2012 - Electrolube will showcase a new range of green silicone resin products for the electronics, automotive and industrial manufacturing industries at Electronex 2012 in Sydney.
Hakko to exhibit complete soldering range at Electronex Sydney
15.08.2012 - Hakko will showcase a complete range of soldering products at Electronex 2012 to be held at the Australian Technology Park in September.
Electrolube’s eco-friendly freezer refrigerant and air duster exempt from carbon tax
14.08.2012 - Electrolube products such as FREH freezer refrigerant and EADH air duster will be exempt from the new Carbon Tax introduced by the Australian Government.
24% uplift in sales delivers record results for Electrolube
27.03.2012 - Electrolube has achieved record results for the year ended 31st December 2011 with a year-on-year increase in sales of 24% in Europe alone compared to 2010.
Electrolube air dusters and freezer sprays to reduce CO2 emissions by 99.5% with new propellant
26.03.2012 - Leading electro-chemicals manufacturer, Electrolube is now offering some of its key products with a low global warming potential (GWP) propellant.
Electrolube silicone conformal coating
23.03.2012 - Electrolube silicone conformal coating is a single part, low odour, non-corrosion RTV formulated for fast tack-free curing with low volatility.
Electrolube clear encapsulating compound
22.03.2012 - Electrolube SC3001 clear encapsulating compound is an optically clear, flexible, two-part compound consisting of a resin and hardener.
Electrolube general purpose encapsulating compound
21.03.2012 - Electrolube’s SC2001 silicone resin is supplied as a two-part general purpose potting and encapsulating compound consisting of the resin and hardener, which need to be mixed in a 1:1 ratio for the des
Conformal Coating Standards – Protection in Harsh Environments
21.02.2012 - Printed circuit boards (PCBs) find application in many domestic, industrial, automotive and military devices.
Selection, best practice and future trends of conformal coatings
20.02.2012 - Conformal coatings are protective lacquers used within the electronics industry to protect printed circuit boards (PCBs) against failures caused by exposure to a variety of environmental conditions.
Protecting PCBs: Conformal coatings Vs. encapsulation resins
17.02.2012 - Printed circuit boards or PCBs are a critical part of electronics systems that service domestic, industrial, automotive and military devices among others.
Electrolube’s water-based cleaners for electronic assemblies
14.02.2012 - An integral part of electronics manufacturing is cleaning, which aims to remove potentially harmful contaminants during PCB manufacture.
Electrolube expands R&D department
10.02.2012 - Electrolube, a division of the HK Wentworth Group and global manufacturer of electro‐chemicals is expanding its Research & Development department in 2012 to increase product innovation as well as main
Electrolube’s environment-friendly electrochemicals for the electronics industry address performance and end-user concerns
08.02.2012 - Responsible manufacturing practices in the electronics industry seek to address environmental, performance and end-user safety concerns.
Electrolube Non-VOC Conformal Coating ‘range extension’ to be launched at NMW
15.04.2010 - The introduction of Electrolube’s NVOC conformal coating, available from HK Wentworth has generated widespread interest leading to repeated demands for the product in numerous different formats.
Electrolube to launch ultra-low viscosity, flame retardant epoxy resins
12.04.2010 - Electrolube have added a new epoxy resin to their encapsulation resin range, available from HK Wentworth. This innovative epoxy, ER2218, will be on display at National Manufacturing Week Exhibition 20.
Electrolube’s NEW micro-emulsion cleaner – ‘Safewash Total’ to be launched at National Manufacturing Week
09.04.2010 - Electrolube Safewash range, available from HK Wentworth is the most effective family of aqueous cleaning products available.
AF Whiteboard Range from HK Wentworth
25.03.2010 - The White board cleaning range from AF has been formulated to meet the needs of the education and corporate markets.
Electrolube, available from HK Wentworth, exhibit a full portfolio at NMW Exhibition Sydney
19.03.2010 - Electrolube, available from HK Wentworth, will be using National Manufacturing Week Exhibition in Sydney, Australia as a platform to introduce its exciting new range of products to the market and show off there full product range.
Silicon DCA200H flexible transparent modified silicone coating from HK Wentworth
11.03.2010 - Conformal coating DCA200H from Electrolube is a flexible transparent modified silicone coating which is specifically designed for the protection of LED components and electronic circuitry.
DCR200H flexible modified silicon coating for intellectual property protection
11.03.2010 - Conformal coating DCR200H from Electrolube is a flexible modified silicon coating for intellectual property protection. It is available from HK Wentworth.
Acrylic conformal coating HPA200 from HK Wentworth
11.03.2010 - Acrylic conformal coating HPA200 from Electrolube (Approved to Mil standard), is flexible with good adhesion to wide variety of substrates, can be soldered through.
WBK000 White Boardclene Kit for cleaning whiteboards
04.03.2010 - AF WBK000, available from H K Wentworth , is a composite kit for the removal of dry ink residues and grease from enameled or laminated whiteboards.
MCA 200MIF Multi-Screen Clene with Microfibre Cloth
04.03.2010 - AF MCA 200MIF, available from HK Wentworth , is a universal 200ml cleaner for use on all types of screens including delicate plasma technologies and all computer monitor and laptop screens.
PCC100 PC-Clene Tub saturated cleaning wipes from HK Wentworth
03.03.2010 - AF PCC100 cleaning wipes are available in 100 wipe containers and also in handy sized dispenser packs (Code AXPCC025P).
HSG050 Hand-Clene sanitizing gel
02.03.2010 - AF HSG050 Hand-Clene Gel, available from H K Wentworth , is a pump spray antibacterial hand sanitizing gel with vitamin E and a blend of emollients to minimize the drying effects normally associated with alcohol-based products.
CCP020 Card-Clene (20 cards in sachets) from HK Wentworth
01.03.2010 - AF CCP020, available from H K Wentworth , is a pre-saturated cleaning card impregnated with isopropanol for the cleaning of magnetic card reading equipment and ATM cash machines.
Anti-static cleaning wipes from HK Wentworth
26.02.2010 - AF SCR100T, available from H K Wentworth , is a moist anti-static cleaning wipe for monitors, laptops and anti-glare filters.
Conformal coating for printed circuit board protection from Electrolube
18.02.2010 - DCA (SCC3) is a flexible transparent modified silicone conformal coating pecifically designed for the protection of Led components and electronic circuitry.
Hakko FA400 smoke absorbers from HK Wentworth
03.02.2010 - The new Hakko FA400 is a portable smoke absorber, now available from HK Wentworth.
Acrylic APL400 conformal coatings available from HK Wentworth
02.02.2010 - Electrolube APL400, avauilable from HK Wentworth, is an acrylic conformal coating that is transparent, flexible and a fast drying coating, providing excellent humidity and mould resistance for electronic circuitry.
Special plastics compatible grease from HK Wentworth
07.10.2009 - Special Plastics Compatible Grease from HK Wentworth is a synthetic grease offering outstanding low temperature perform¬ance and excellent compatibility with thermoplastics.
Ultrasolve cleaning solvent from HK Wentworth
06.10.2009 - Ultrasolve cleaning solvent from HK Wentworth is a fast-drying solvent that has been specially formulated for the quick and efficient cleaning of electrical equipment.
Fluxclene Cleaning Solvent
02.10.2009 - Fluxclene is a fast-drying solvent cleaner specially formulated for the quick and efficient removal of flux residues after soldering.
Electrolube’s Airduster aerosols
01.10.2009 - Electrolube’s Airduster aerosols of pure, compressed, inert gas are designed for the safe removal of dust and airborne contamination from very delicate or inaccessible areas of equipment.
Electrolube Freezer Spray distributed by HK Wentworth
29.09.2009 - HK Wentworth offer Electrolube freezer spray as 200ml and 400ml aerosols, with an extension tube supplied.
Electrolube to launch Toluene Free Acrylic Coating at Productronica
29.09.2009 - UK manufacturer Electrolube will be promoting and launching its new TFA – Toluene Free Acrylic conformal coating, at Productronica this year (stand A4.271).
HK Wentworth Pty Ltd appoints Westec Electronics & Prospec Components as WA distributor
24.09.2009 - HK Wentworth Pty Ltd has appointed Westec Electronics & Prospec Components as WA distributor for their brands AF, Electrolube, Hakko and ACL Staticide.
Electronic products from Westec Electronics and Prospec Components
24.09.2009 - HK Wentworth has appointed Westec Electronics and Prospec Components as new Wetern Australin distributors.
Electrolube's New High Thermal Conductivity RTVs on display at Productronica
08.09.2009 - Electrolube a leading electro-chemical manufacturer has expanded their thermal management range by creating two new high specification, single component RTVs; TCER and TCOR.
Cordless soldering iron from HK Wentworth
17.05.2007 - The HAKKO FX-901 is a lightweight, portable and battery-operated soldering iron.
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