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Hakko FA400 smoke absorbers from HK Wentworth

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article image Hakko FA400 smoke absorbers from HK Wentworth

The new Hakko FA400 are portable smoke absorbers, now available from HK Wentworth . FA400 smoke absorbers use a high density foam filter mixed with activated charcoal to absorb fumes excreted whilst performing soldering work. This new design replaces model 493. These smoke absorbers are compact with the option of vertically standing on the work bench or horizontally. Horizontal position creates less shade over work area and also greater fan flow rate. A third position option is when attached to the optional stand, to capture smoke from above and allowing more bench space.

Features of the FA400 smoke absorbers include:

  • These smoke absorbers feature high density urethane foam filters with refined, activated, high-absorption carbon
  • Dimensions of the FA400 smoke absorbers : 166(w) x212(h) x 113(d)mm
  • Vertical and Horizontal mounting
  • ESD safe by design
  • Higher flow rates
  • The FA400 smoke absorbers efficiently remove fumes quickly and safely
  • Smaller dimensions than the Hakko 493
  • The fan on the smoke absorbers is fully adjustable, quiet, and efficient
Optional extras on the smoke absorbers include:
  • Replacement parts; filter (set of 5)  #A1001
  • Adjustable stand # C1568

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