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The various services offered by HEtech include designing, manufacturing, prototyping and turn key solutions. HEtech consists of experienced electronics design teams who can create designs based on the ‘design to manufacture’ principal. The team of design engineers assists the customers by providing economical designs that covers all electrical and electronic product ideas, expertise in micro-processor programming and multi-layer printed circuit board design.

HEtech also provides assistance to the clients with enclosure and industrial design and designs that comply with relevant standards. HEtech specialises in providing electronics design that will help the customers to achieve their product ideas and needs. HEtech assesses each new design proposal for both commercial and technical feasibility. The assessment process provides competitive advantages associated with product idea and a reliable report of potential risks.

HEtech has extensive design expertise in a wide range of industries and applications. The experienced engineers have proven the knowledge and track-record in programming C and Assembler for various micro-controller applications. HEtech also provides CAD and PCB drawing facilities. The manufacturing and repair expertise of HEtech assists the clients in obtaining the products produced and supported at competitive rates. HEtech has an excellent team with proven processes and strategies.

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