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TechnoWrapp pallet stretch wrapping machines now with integrated top sheet applicator

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article image A800 TechnoWrapp pallet stretch wrapping machine with integrated top sheet applicator

The Fonzaso, Italy-based TechnoWrapp S.r.l. has upgraded their advanced range of A800 and A800 4E automatic ring wrapping machines with an integrated top sheet applicator.  

The high speed pallet stretch wrapping machines are designed for wrapping palletised loads with stretch film and a waterproof top sheet.  

Precision engineered for high productivity, TechnoWrapp pallet stretch wrapping machines are designed to minimise film usage, offering up to 350% material savings while ensuring complete hermetic sealing of the pallet stack.  

Only 96gm of film is used on a pallet measuring 800mm x 1200mm x 1500mm high, using 9 layers of film and a standard film reel of 500mm W x 23µm.  

The pallet wrappers incorporate an innovative ring technology that rotates the film cartridge around the palletised load, combining smooth horizontal and vertical movements to cover the load, while still maintaining the integrity of the load corners.  

Top sheet applicators have now been integrated into the TechnoWrapp pallet wrapping machines that place a sheet of polyethylene on the top of the load, which together with the lateral wraps, creates a perfect waterproof covering for the product.

Key features of the upgraded TechnoWrapp pallet stretch wrapping machines:  

  • Electronic pre-stretch system with a tacho generator enables smooth dispensing of the film and high degree of pre-stretch 
  • Uses as little as 96 grams of film, achieved by pre-stretching the film to more than 400% 
  • Stability and integrity of the stack is maintained during the high speed wrapping process due to the static pallet/load 
  • Wraps up to 130 pallets/hour 
  • Hermetic sealing of top and sides of load 
  • Easy parameter change controls to accommodate different sized loads 
  • Rugged sturdy construction 
  • Optional auto reel changeover 
  • Optional pallet lift in wrapping area 
  • Optional stretch film splicer    
TechnoWrapp S.r.l. is represented in Oceania by HBM Packaging & Plastics Technologies .  

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