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TechnoWrapp installs stretch wrapping machines in 50 countries in every continent

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TechnoWrapp S.r.l. from Fonzaso, Italy celebrated an important company milestone with the installation of their stretch wrapping machines across every continent of the world in 50 different countries.
TechnoWrapp specialises in the manufacture of a complete range of stretch wrapping machinery for palletised loads including turntable, rotating arm and rotating ring machines, with and without top sheets for covering the load.

These stretch wrappers are designed to save film and wrapping time.
The B300 stretch wrapping machine, TechnoWrapp’s latest edition to their product range is one of the fastest rotary arm wrapping machines currently available and features an arm with a patented ring guide that rotates around the load at 45rpm, wrapping 130 pallets per hour with 10 wraps for each pallet. The ring is floor mounted to assist the rotary arm during rotation.
TechnoWrapp stretch wrapping machines are designed to keep film usage to a minimum, which is achieved by pre-stretching the film by more than 400%. On a pallet measuring 800mm x 1200mm x 1500mm high, using 9 layers of film and a standard film reel of 500mm wide x 23µm, only 96gm of film is used.
The new and patented ‘Syncro’ device enables clamping, cutting and welding of the film while in motion, saving considerable time as the film is cut and sealed while it is being removed from the wrapping area. As the pallet/load is static, the stability and integrity of the stack is maintained during the high speed wrapping process.
TechnoWrapp S.r.l. is represented in Oceania by HBM Packaging & Plastics Technologies .

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