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Soup filling solutions with Riggs Autopack’s fillers

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article image Riggs Autopack’s volumetric filling and lidding machine
Riggs Autopack of Lancashire, UK supplied UK organic food manufacturer Rod & Ben’s with a volumetric filling and lidding line for their award-winning range of soups.
Riggs Autopack is a market leading supplier of volumetric depositors, filling machines, transfer pumps and conveyor filling machines.
Rod & Ben’s sought an automated filling line for their soup products to meet with increased product demand. Being an organic food company, Rod and Ben’s required the automatic depositing machinery to be highly accurate and damage-free, and provide superior weight control.
Riggs Autopack supplied a Model 1000 vertical transfer pump connected to an existing steam cooker. Hot soup was fed directly from the cooker to the hopper of the lower level twin head depositor, which included a damage-free paddle agitation system. A lid press unit designed especially for tamper evident lids was also supplied.
The filling machinery fills a range of soups into 300gm single portion plastic pots, and particulate soup into 600gm plastic pots, 1-litre bottles and 5-litre buckets.
According to Mr Rod Hall, Owner of Rod & Ben’s, the Riggs machine is not only a cost effective and highly versatile solution but also easy to use with impressive changeover times and excellent depositing accuracy, making it ideal for coping with their level of production.
Riggs Autopack’s fillers range also includes depositors that can fill hot and cold liquid, semi-liquid and suspended solid goods such as ready meal stews, mash potato, casseroles or curries in addition to depositing fragile vegetables and cooked meats in sauce with particulates up to 38mm cubed as standard.
Riggs Autopack is represented in Oceania by HBM Packaging & Plastics Technologies .

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