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Graham Engineering Corporation (formerly GMG) of York, PA, USA have released a new accumulator die head design which significantly reduces the time and material wastage associated with colour changeovers experienced by Extrusion Blow Moulders (EBMs) using accumulator type die heads for the production of large industrial containers and automotive parts.

Typically the changeover can take anything from 5 to 40 hrs of machine time depending on whether the operator chooses to manually strip and clean the die head or alternatively if they purge the die head from one colour to another.

GEC 's new accumulator head design featuring a unique overlapping spiral diverter can be stripped and reassembled within one hour or alternatively can be typically purged within 20 shots when changing colours.

Given that many EBMs can change colours 2 to 3 times or more per week the accumulated cost savings in machine down-time and scrapped resin are significant. One of GEC's North American customers has reported savings of $250,000 plus per annum on one machine.

GEC report that in many cases, the accumulator die heads are retrofitted to older competitive brands of EBM machines where the wastage is more pronounced and where the new head has significantly improved colour distribution, parison wall uniformity and colourant usage.

G.E.C., with over 50 year's industry experience and with 3000 + machines installed globally are a leading supplier of Extrusion Blow Moulding machines and their range includes Rotary Blow Moulding Systems, for containers from 100ml to 30L; Linear and Rotary Shuttle Blow Moulding Systems, for containers from 5ml to 6L; and Accumulator Head Blow Moulding Systems for the production of large industrial, technical and automotive parts.

GEC's partner in Australia & New Zealand for sales and service is HBM Plastics Technologies

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