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Sauce filling is streamlined with Riggs Autopack’s depositors

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Based in Lancashire UK, Riggs Autopack is a market leader in volumetric depositors, filling machines, transfer pumps and conveyor filling lines.
The company recently installed a semi-automatic depositor with a pouch forming unit for Little Turban, a prominent UK artisan food manufacturer.
A manufacturer of contemporary Indian cooking sauces renowned in the market for their authentic and exotic taste, Little Turban was using manual manufacturing and filling processes, producing to order and manually filling plastic pouches and glass jars with their Indian sauce products.
Recognising the need to automate the process for their expanding business, Little Turban successfully trialled the Model 1000 semi-automatic filling machine from Riggs Autopack on-site. This filling machine incorporates a pouch forming unit that opens the pouches prior to filling. The company was particularly impressed by the damage-free and accurate depositing process for the hot sauces and particulates.
According to Little Turban’s owner Harj Dhillon, their new Riggs machine is as important as the product itself as it helps the company meet demand, safely package their products and develop new products.
Riggs Autopack also offers depositors that can fill hot and cold liquid, semi-liquid and suspended solid goods including a wide range of ready meal products such as stews, mash potato, casseroles or curries, and also deposit fragile vegetables and cooked meats in sauce with particulates up to 38mm cubed as standard.
Riggs Autopack is represented in Oceania by HBM Packaging & Plastics Technologies .

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