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SIPA’s ROBBY RACK for robotic racking of H&OD water containers

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SIPA has updated its ROBBY RACK robot designed to handle large returnable bottles into racks for washing and refilling and storage.
SIPA of Veneto, Italy is a global leader of stretch blow moulding machines for the production of large PET bottles such as those for the Home & Office Delivery (H&OD) market sector.
SIPA’s modular robot can carry out palletising and de-palletising cycles, and is currently operational in a number of packaging plants around the world, running at 500 cycles per hour at a maximum speed of 2,600 bottles per hour.
Featuring a small footprint, the ROBBY RACK is a 6-axis robot that can be uniquely adapted to each bottle size and shape. Equipped with the latest generation control system, the robot incorporates various ‘smart’ functions such as torque control and identification of the load wrist necessary for large payloads of 120kg plus.
The ROBBY RACK robot features a compact modular head with several gripping points and a quick-change design. Heads with up to 10 grippers for racking round bottles, combination gripping heads for triangular bottles and heads specially designed for the de-racking cycles are available.
SIPA is represented in Oceania by HBM Packaging & Plastics Technologies .

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