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SIPA develops unique cheese container for major cheese producer

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article image The Grana Padano cheese container

Leading manufacturer of stretch blow moulding machines for the production of PET bottles, SIPA of Veneto, Italy worked closely with a major producer of Grana Padano cheese to develop a unique jar container for their cheese product.
Parmesan cheese products have traditionally come in big wheels ‘Grana Padano’ in Italy from which wedges of cheese are sliced off for consumers. The Grana Padano cheese producer planned to modernise their range and sell their product in plastic jar containers.
SIPA developed a wide mouth jar concept that combined modern functionalities such as easy access with some of the traditional aspects of the product. The wheel shaped container was designed with diamond markings, which signify that the cheese has been aged between 9 to 16 months.
SIPA’s team used this opportunity to demonstrate their PET processing technologies as well as their design capabilities.
SIPA is represented in Oceania by HBM Plastics & Packaging Technologies .

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