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SIPA Smartcoat industrial coating system available from HBM Packaging & Plastics Technologies

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SIPA of Veneto, Italy, represented in Oceania by HBM Packaging & Plastics Technologies , have developed PET stretch blow moulding machines for the production of PET bottles. SIPA have developed Smartcoat, an industrial coating system, suitable for products needing an oxygen and CO² barrier.

The SIPA Smartcoat industrial coating system was conceived to produce high performance barrier containers and consists of dip coating technology, where two layers of proprietary organic coatings are applied onto the external surface of PET or PP containers.

Both layers are applied by means of a dipping and spinning technology. The thickness is regulated by adjusting the spin velocity. After a flash off into infrared and hot air ovens, both coatings are UV cured.

The technology has recently been adopted in the manufacture of PET containers for alcoholic beer products, which can withstand tunnel pasteurisation at 65°C for 15 minutes.

Beer requires a strong protection from oxygen ingress and from CO² loss. In general, 1 or 2 ppm of maximum oxygen uptake is tolerated before beer products start degradation, while 15% of CO² loss is considered adequate to maintain the desired level of fizziness.

SIPA developed and tested 350ml, 500ml, 1 litre and 1.5 litre bottle sizes, ensuring a better oxygen and carbon dioxide barrier and allowing a shelf life from six to nine months.

The output range from the modular Smartcoat machinery is from 9000 bph up to 36,000 bph depending on bottle diameter.

The bottles have been tested and approved as ‘fully suitable’ for recycling by Fraunhofer Institute of Germany and the American FDA.

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