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Reinforced thermoplastic pipe manufacturing system

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KRAUSS Maffei Extrusion of Munich Germany, represented by HBM Plastics , has announced the development of a unique reinforced pipe manufacturing system using spirally wound reinforcement of PE pipe, suitable for markets which have previously been the domain of steel pipes.

The fibre tape windings can be polyester, aramid fibres, etc., and are spirally wound in-line over an extruded PE pipe. After the winding process an overlay of a protective PE extrusion is also made in-line.

Diameters available range from 50mm to 400mm.

The pipe can withstand pressures up to 200bar depending on the application, i.e. water petroleum products, etc.

Krauss Maffei will be conducting a seminar and an 'in-house' demonstration of the technology at its Munich facility on May 12 and 13, 2005.

The first system has been sold to a customer in China.

Krauss Maffei Extrusion is one of Europe's leading suppliers of extrusion lines for pipe, sheet and profiles, and has a reputation for innovative developments.

Technologies include:

* QuickSwitch pipe system where diameters can be changed 'on the fly'.

* Multilayer pipe extrusion.

* Multi-material profile extrusion.

* Twin screw 32:1 L/D extruders for sheet and profile.

* Single screw 36:1 direct drive extruders for pipe, sheet & film.

* Co-extrusion for foam-core pipe or foam-sheet sandwich.

* Wood/fibre thermoplastic composite extrusion for architectural applications.

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