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Reduce palletiser downtime with OCME pallet checkers

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OCME S.r.l. from Parma Italy presents a range of pallet checkers designed to improve palletiser performance and productivity.
OCME pallet checkers can reduce palletiser downtime by detecting pallet faults before they are loaded with product.
Traditional OCME pallet checkers employ a single pass system that uses pressure rollers to detect cracked or broken boards and reject substandard pallets. Robotic pallet checkers employ a six-axis robot to check every board on both sides of the pallet for cracks and broken boards.
The checkers are also capable of improving pallet quality by forcing nail heads into the board to prevent subsequent damage to packs or containers loaded on the pallets.
The typical OCME system consists of a pallet de-stacker, infeed/ exit conveyors, reject system and an integration system to link it to the palletiser.

OCME, a world leader in packaging, filling, handling and palletising systems for the consumer products industry, is represented in Oceania by HBM Packaging & Plastics Technologies .

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