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Positive response to Krauss Maffei’s new GX Series injection moulding machines

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article image Krauss Maffei’s GX Series injection moulding machine
World-leading plastics processing machinery company, Krauss Maffei of Munich, Germany has received positive response to their new energy-efficient GX Series injection moulding machines, which was introduced recently at the German Fakuma 2012 Plastics show.
According to Frank Peters, Vice President of Krauss Maffei, the worldwide demand and the sales figures to date have greatly exceeded expectations.
Targeting the high growth mid-range 400 to 650-tonne clamp market, GX Series injection moulding machines have a dry cycle time of 2.3 seconds with a range of 9 clamp tonnages. Coupled with a choice of 12 injection units offering a combination of 90 injection configurations utilising either hydraulic or electric screw drives and potential energy savings of up to 50%, the GX machines are designed for use within the packaging, consumer goods, auto, medical and materials handling industries.
The machine has a unique GuideX platen support guide shoe that consists of a fixed bearing joint with optimised FEM design, which provides a platform for the machine’s excellent platen parallelism. The greatly reduced forces are transmitted to the linear roller guides giving virtually frictionless mould movements and enhancing energy reduction and mould protection sensitivity. The unique patented design ensures the guides are protected against overloading and guarantees extended service life.
The GearX clamp system locks the machine clamp quickly with the locking element positively engaged in the tie bar notches via a short flux of force inside the unit. The enclosed locking unit is located behind the moving mould fixing platen and is permanently protected. Coupled with a quick and energy efficient clamping block that builds clamp force through four pressure pads behind the permanent fixed platen, the cast optimised precise mould platens guarantee high platen parallelism and short clamp cycle times.
The GX housing design allows optimised accessibility into the clamping and ejection areas and nozzle interface, as well as the electrical switching cabinets and pump area. Combined with immediate direct access to all mould related interfaces, this allows for shorter set up times and easier maintenance.
A new MC6 19” touch screen control system provides clear and simple operation with a SplitScreen, ProcessDesigner, automation/robotics interface and Eco Function allowing energy optimisation settings at the touch of a button.
Krauss Maffei is represented in Oceania by HBM Packaging & Plastics Technologies .

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