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Packaging Technologies’ pressure crimper available from HBM Packaging & Plastics Technologies

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article image The BOV pressure crimper provides an environmentally friendly production process

Packaging Technologies, KP Aerofill of Davenport, IA, USA has announced the release of a new pressure crimper that has been specifically designed for BOV (bag-on-valve) technology. This new pressure crimper will provide aerosol customers with a totally green environmentally friendly production process.

BOV systems separate the product from the propellant with a hermetically-sealed, multi-layered laminated pouch. BOV systems have been designed to use compressed air or nitrogen as a propellant. This will not produce volatile organic compounds (VOCs), making it one of the most environmentally friendly production process, when compared to traditional technologies that use propane or butane, and removes the need for flammable propellants. The process is suitable for the filling of both liquids and higher viscosity products and can be used with standard actuators and aerosol cans.

The bag-on-valve is widely used in the packaging of products that require complete separation between the product and the propellant such as cosmetics, pharmaceutical, household and pet care.

Consumers benefit from:-

  • 100% product evacuation 
  • Operational at all angles 
  • Even and controlled spraying pattern for best possible results 
  • Longer shelf life with less preservatives 
  • No pumping motion necessary 
  • Reduced spraying noise
The new pressure crimper technology ensures it is possible to pressurise under the cup of the BOV and fill nitrogen or air at low pressures before crimping the valve in place. The heads of the pressure crimper have their own individual pressure transducers that monitor the pressure in the head and the container during pressurisation, automatically rejecting the product, if the preset parameters are not achieved. The crimp depths and diameter adjustments have indexed, external, tool-less mechanisms that are exact, which save time for size changeovers. Older under the cup fillers can also be retro fitted in order to benefit from this technology.

Oystar Packaging Technologies are represented in Oceania by HBM Packaging & Plastics Technologies .

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