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OCME palletisers improve logistics for large Italian wine bottler

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article image OCME’s centralised palletising plant installed for CAVIT
OCME S.r.l. has recently installed a centralised palletising plant with packing lines for CAVIT S.C.
The Parma, Italy-based OCME is a world leader in packaging, filling, handling and palletising systems for the consumer products industry.
CAVIT S.C. is a wine cooperative in Italy that represents 45,000 growers who are associated with 11 wineries. OCME has been supplying CAVIT with packaging machinery since 1976.
Currently operating four filling lines, CAVIT sought a single solution for the four production lines for product storage, palletising and wrapping with stretch film for the total output. After labelling and verification of the weight and shape, the products needed to be transported to their new automated warehouse via two automatic elevators with a drop of five metres.
OCME installed two automatic palletisers for handling the production from the four filling lines. Each palletiser can palletise two different products at the same time on two pallet sizes. The palletiser uses a new rotating system for the separation, division and preparation of the packing layer through manipulators.
Operational cost efficiency, dependability of package handling and centralisation of all production data, statistics and solutions to ease equipment operation and operator’s ability to create new palletising programs were some of the reasons for CAVIT winery to select OCME for the installation of the new palletising system.
Damage to cartons was eliminated with gentle handling of the packs by the palletisers. CAVIT was also able to achieve significant savings in capital investment, maintenance, labour and factory space.
OCME has installed similar palletiser units in different food and beverage companies including Barilla, Plasmon, De Cecco, Buton and United Distillers (UK).
OCME S.r.l. is represented in Oceania by HBM Packaging & Plastics Technologies .

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