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Multi-Fill Volumetric Filler available from HBM part of US$5 Million Upgrade at Sandridge

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article image MPFSC-120 Multi-Fill Volumetric Filler

Multi-Fill Inc. of Utah USA has supplied their filler equipment to Sandridge Food Corporation in Ohio as part of the latter’s US$5 million upgrade project.  

Multi-Fill specialises in the manufacture of semi-automatic and automatic volumetric fillers for the Home Meal Replacement, Convenience Foods and Food Service industries.  

Sandridge Food Corporation is a leading North American food service company, producing close to 500 different fresh food products ranging from salads, soups and pastas to meatloaves.  

The company recently invested US$5 million in a high pressure processing (HPP) line, which included the Multi-Fill food filler.  

The MPFSC-120 volumetric filler dispenses clean, accurate portions of several difficult-to-fill products such as pasta and rice.  

Sandridge Foods will use the filler machine to fill penne and spaghetti pasta products into 1kg – 4.5kg containers at speeds of up to 40 cpm.  

Key features of the MPFSC-120 volumetric filler:  

  • Mobile unit that can be positioned over container conveying systems as well as a wide range of horizontal and vertical bagging systems
  • Can be quickly cleaned for product changeovers or moved to a different production line in minutes to fill a different product in a different container
  • Adjustable volumetric pocket system for precision dosing
  • No container-no fill function activated by proximity sensor
  • Vacuum system assists product flow, especially for traditionally difficult-to-handle products such as cooked spaghetti, IQF rice and wet salads
  • Food grade stainless steel construction in compliance with international standards

Multi-Fill Inc. is represented in Oceania by HBM Packaging & Plastics Technologies .

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