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Moss to showcase MO 2062 automatic rotary machine and SMV-3 silk-screen printing machine at Plast 09

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Moss from Reggio Emilla, Italy, and represented in Oceania by HBM Packaging & Plastics Technologies , will showcase the new MO 2062 automatic rotary machine for the dry-offset, printing up to four colours on top of bottle screw-caps at Plast 09. The MO 2062 automatic rotary machine has a production speed from 30,000 to 300,000 pieces/hour.

The continuous motion of the central drum ensures appropriate concentricity of the printing on the caps irrespective of the speed. Drying is achieved by a high power ultra violet device.

Cap diameter changeover is enabled by quick-change of the central vacuum wheel ensuring the operation is easy and is carried out in minimum time.

The automatic piece-counter, integrated by MOSS before unloading the closures to boxes, ensures precise counting of all the printed closures and also controls the automatic changeover of boxes to be filled. The vision-inspection camera device is available as an option.

The SMV-3, a fast automatic silk-screen printing machine will also be on display at Plast 09 that can print up to three colours, suitable for decoration and lacquering of cylindrical containers, in particular cartridge tubes, syringes and skirted caps/closures.

The SMV-3 silk-screen printing machine incorporates a 12 station rotating turret, with three printing modules that are driven by a ‘linear motor’, which synchronises the mechanical rotation of containers. When a different diameter article has to be printed, it is no longer necessary to change gears for implementing size changes.

The printing modules are adjusted by remote control, and the machine has an inbuilt safety device for ensuring ‘no bottle-no print function’. UV lamps are sealed to reduce the emission of heat, and water cooled lamps are also available as an option.

The SMV-3 silk-screen printing is capable of printing 160 pieces/minute on 190 x 120mm flexible tube configurations or 126 x 150mm on syringe like configurations, with diameters ranging from 5 to 60mm.

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