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Matisse invests in multi-fill system

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HBM Packaging Technologies’ supplier, Multi-Fill Inc., has sold the MPFSC 120-01 filling machine to HBM’s customer, Matisse. The packaging machine, which is due to be commissioned in October 2005, will be used to automate the filling of product into a combination of trays, pouches and bags on a Vertical Form-Fill-Seal machine.

The filling machine is applicable for various products in the foodservice markets, including: cooked rice, cooked pasta of different shapes, for example spaghetti, gnocchi and tortellini, minestrone mix, chopped fresh tomato and frozen crumbed calamari rings.

Product weights of 60g - 2kg can be handled using a single machine, with outputs ranging up to 30cpm, dependant on product and container.

Home Meal Replacement products are becoming increasingly popular as consumers are finding the need to prepare quick, easy, tasty and nutritious meals. Therefore restaurant owners and food processors, like Matisse, have realised the potential market for well packaged, ready-made meals and meal components.

The challenge for an HMR production line is finding equipment with the flexibility to accept various product formulation and packages, with features such as quick changeover, faster speeds, and increased automation while maintaining the integrity of hand filled product. According to Matisse, the MPF (multi-purpose filler) meets this challenge.

The MPFs deposit products such as couscous, tabouleh, many fruits and vegetables and refrigerated salads into many types of containers (trays, plates, cups, bowls, cans, bags, jars, etc.) making it perfect for Home Meal Replacement applications.

The mobile unit for Matisse can be quickly cleaned for a product changeover or moved to a different production line in minutes, then it can be ready to fill another product into a different container with no or few change parts. It can be positioned over many different conveying systems, continuous or intermittent, horizontal or vertical bagging units.

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