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Large PET containers by SIPA available from HBM Packaging

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SIPA of Veneto, Italy has developed a range of 40-litre size PET containers for transporting water, beer, oils, detergents and chemicals.  

SIPA, a global leader of stretch blow moulding machines for the production of PET bottles works closely with customers to develop large PET containers that can handle the rigorous top load requirements for transporting large packs.  

SIPA engineers can also advise customers on subtle changes that will enable more containers to fit on a pallet, dramatically reducing the distribution costs for the customer.  

SIPA recently developed a 19-litre returnable container for the HOD water market in Bosnia to replace expensive polycarbonate containers. The 680gm PET containers are produced on an SFL 2/2 linear stretch blow moulder.  

SIPA’s preform and stretch blow moulding machines are also sold widely in Asia. A SIPA machine is being used by a Malaysian manufacturer of palm oil to create square, stackable containers in 10, 20 and 25-litre sizes.  

The container preforms were designed to optimise the blowing process as well as the cooling of the unique base, which was critical in ensuring the stack-ability of the containers. SIPA was also able to integrate its machinery into the customer’s existing production facility.  

A South Asian customer recently installed a PPS 300/12L preform injection moulding machine and an SFL 2/2 stretch blow moulding machine to manufacture 10-litre hot fill bottles for soy sauce.  

SIPA engineers spent eight months perfecting the preform and bottle design to ensure that their solution met the customer’s expectations. The system is now producing 1,100 x 10L containers per hour.  

Yikai Kerry, a Chinese manufacturer of cooking oils has installed 25 SFL linear stretch blow moulding machines to produce 5-litre cooking oil bottles. The company also recently installed an SFL 6/6 XXL stretch blow moulding machine with a running speed of 6,000 x 5L bottles per hour.  

SIPA is represented in Oceania by HBM Packaging & Plastics Technologies .

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