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Krauss - Maffei Economiser for IMM's

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Krauss-Maffei GmbH of Munich, Germany, has released the development of their new KM-Economiser unit for Injection Moulding Machines (IMM).  The unit enables plastics processors to make significant savings on their electricity bills, while also making an active contribution towards pollution reduction.

The KM-Economiser is a dynamic, beside the press compensation unit, which has been specifically tailored to meet the demands of injection moulding machines, and can be used in conjunction with not only Krauss Maffei, but the majority of IMM makes and models.

Electric motors are employed in IMMs as direct drives or as actuators for hydraulic pumps. In the electrical sense, these motors are inductive consumers, i.e. they cyclically build and lower magnetic fields. The motor extracts the necessary power for this idle or reactive power from the electricity supply grid.

Plastics manufacturers are billed by the energy provider for the cost of the idle power, which is returned to the energy provider during IMM operation, unless a compensation unit is installed, whereby energy costs are saved as the idle power is used effectively.

The KM-Economiser is equipped with a newly developed motor management system utilising wear resistant semi-conductor technology, which can save up to 15% of the energy used on the active current side. Featuring a compact design and available in two sizes, the unit is installed directly at the injection unit, where the idle power is generated.

Advantages of the KM-Economiser include:
* Reduced power costs
* Precise load sequencing as peaks are suitably handled
* Fast precise compensation (reaction to load ramps) within 100 milli-seconds
* Ability for operation even during under-voltage periods
* Full electronic design means no wear of contacts or capacitors
* Soft start can cut-in at up to 30 kW
* Fast payback (amortisation can be achieved in 11 months)
* Ability to add further IMMs to an existing factory network before having to upgrade

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