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article image Efficient keg loading/unloading system achieves the same result as a rotary machine.

COMAC, represented in Australia by HBM Packaging Technologies , will supply a French plant with a complete keg filling line for beer with an output of 600 kegs an hour. The line maintains a linear keg flow pattern, with precleaning, caustic cleaning, acid cleaning, final rinse, sanitisation and filling performed by separate machines. Eight six-head linear machines provide internal cleaning and four six-head linear fillers ensure the production output.

The modular construction of the equipment provides reduced dimensions and weight and allows easy transport, loading, unloading and handling. It also allows the plant to be extended at a later date, reducing initial investment. It provides flexible management of washing and filling times and the time of caustic contact and steam sterilisation is dependant on the length of intermediate conveyors. There are few moving mechanical parts and consequently less wear and tear. There are no moving electrical or hydraulic components.

The system offers easy accessibility for cleaning, maintenance and repairs. It is possible to exclude one single machine (or even one single head of each unit) from the line without stopping the whole plant. The system can also process two different keg sizes (or two different types of spear or product) at the same time.

An efficient keg loading/unloading system achieves the same result as a rotary machine where all process cycle phases are carried out on a single head without releasing and conveying a keg every time. Multiple function stations for product draining, water rinsing, caustic washing, steam injection, CO2 injection and product filling result in limited operation of the keg spear and consequently less wear and tear of gaskets and springs.

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