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HBM releases new pallet wrapping solutions from TechnoWrapp

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TechnoWrapp S.r.l. of Fonzaso, Italy has introduced two new patented pallet wrapping machines, the ‘Twin Rings’ and the ‘Runner Arm’.

A specialist manufacturer of a complete range of stretch wrapping machinery for palletised loads including turntable, rotating arm and rotating ring machines, TechnoWrapp caters to clients in over 50 countries worldwide.

Twin Rings

A high performance automatic pallet wrapper, Twin Rings features a patented double ring that can counteract the centrifugal force exerted on the pre-stretch carriage during rotation, reducing the overall stress exerted on the structure. The aluminium rotary ring and the pre-stretch carriage no longer require a heavy structure to contain the torsion, resulting in exceptional acceleration and stopping performance. This also simplifies the film reel changeover process for the operator.

The film is stretched by up to 340%, allowing the machine to wrap a 1500mm high pallet with just 96 grams of film at speeds of up to 120 pallets per hour.

Runner Arm

Runner Arm pallet wrappers combine the high performance of a rotary ring with the structural simplicity and low maintenance costs of a rotary arm machine. With a speed of 45 revolutions per minute, the device cuts and fastens the last strip of film as the pallet is moving from the wrapping area, increasing the machine’s productivity.

The Runner Arm’s speed of 136 pallets per hour is believed to be the fastest in the market. The cutting and sealing device is positioned away from the moving parts during the wrapping cycle eliminating risk of damage to these parts should goods fall from the pallet during the wrapping process.

The two new ‘end-of line’ pallet wrapping machines developed by TechnoWrapp are covered by comprehensive patents.

TechnoWrapp S.r.l. is represented in Oceania by HBM Packaging & Plastics Technologies .

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